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NewsSlf Lawyers NewsSLF welcomes Fabrizio Fiorino as Special Counsel – Italian Registered Lawyer

5 August 2021

National boutique law firm, SLF Lawyers is pleased to announce the appointment of Fabrizio Fiorino as Special Counsel – Italian Registered Lawyer.

Fabrizio has accrued significant experience in the Cross-Border matters being registered as a solicitor in Italy and practicing into the Italian Jurisdiction for almost a decade before moving to Australia in 2012. Since then, Fabrizio has had an International approach to his professional development, being focused on the International Private Law involving legal issues between the two countries, in particular concerning Commercial Law, Real Estate in Italy (personal and investment), Wills and Estates, Cross-Border Litigation, Family Law, Debt Recover, Administrative Law (application for Italian Citizenship and Long Stay Visa).

Fabrizio is a proactive and experienced International practitioner and is considered a real landmark in his area of expertise in Australia. His clients are from different parts of Australia, including Western Australia and Northern Territory, and include also Australian Ministerial Offices.

Fabrizio understands that dealing with Cross-Border issues can be very stressful for people and companies and difficult to manage. From his experience, Fabrizio has tested that in cross-border matters the main issue is not the language barrier, which can be easily overcome, rather the acknowledge of a legal system which deeply differs from the Australian one. He puts clients at ease, to give them cost-effective and practical advice to assist them to resolve their cross-border law matters as quickly and as effective as possible. Fabrizio retains a deep knowledge of the Civil Law System and Legislation of Italy and is familiar with the Common Law System (Australia). Therefore, he has a dual and critical approach to these matters and advice the clients for their best interest with a cost-effective assistance.

Fabrizio holds the following qualifications:

·        Post Graduate Course in Migration Law (Victoria University – 2016)
·        Post Graduate course in Civil and Commercial Mediation (Italy – 2011)
·        Post Graduate Legal Practice Course (in Italy – 2007)
·        Bachelor of Law (in Italy – 2005)

Fabrizio is a member of the following:

·        Italian Law Society
·        Queensland Law Society
·        MARA (MARN 1795302) – Migration Agents Registration Authority
·        MIA – Migration Institute of Australia
·        STEP Italy (Affiliate) – The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners
·        Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Queensland
·        Tax Legal Solution Network (
·        ITALAW Network (
·        Cultural Association named New Italian Generation – Secretary